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Nick is a Nebraska boy and through a love of music, he found his way into the Air Force as an audio engineer with the Air Force Band of the West in San Antonio, TX and on to his current job with the USAFE Band in Germany.
Sandi is a Texas girl who not only loves music, but lives it. After years of education, she auditioned for and won a position with the Air Force Band of the West in San Antonio, TX which also led her to the USAFE Band.  In 2012 Sandi began a new journey in the Air Force.  She has stepped out of the band careerfield for a three year special duty tour as an instructor at the Kisling NCO Academy on Kapuhn Air Station.

We met in freight elevator in San Antonio, and two years later, Sandi took Nicks hand in marriage.

After two years in our new San Antonio home, the two Wellman’s became three.  Calvin Hearl Wellman was born on June 2nd, 2006.  Our long awaited first child has brought much joy and frustration  to our lives!  You can learn all about Calvin and see pictures and video of him on the Calvin Hearl page.

Four years later, we added another addition to the family.  Noah Rylee Wellman was born on October 1st, 2008.  Noah is quite handsome like his big brother, but has developed hazel eyes and red hair that runs in Nicks family.  The link to Noah Rylee will take you to his page where you can see and hear all about him.

And finally, on January 4th. 2012, Averi Jayce Wellman came into the world.  Our boys like to call her by her appointed superhero name, Thunder Thighs, but we prefer the name we gave her.  If you want to see pictures and video, visit the Averi Jayce page to see more about her.